New Zines Added & News – 10/11/13

Well, we’re finally back after a longer-than-expected break! A lot has happened since, including my decision to completely revamp the distro. Honestly, I have been overwhelmed with the catalog and the work involved in keeping up with such a large stock of zines. I’m also in graduate school, as well as working on a new blog about disability in geeky media.

I initially wanted to just shut down the distro after my stock sells out, but I’ve decided to start fresh instead. The things that I don’t enjoy about running a distro can be alleviated by focusing on a smaller catalog. Once I sell out of the zines currently on the website, I plan on only selling ten zines at a time, as well as 1″ buttons. The zines will rotate seasonally, so as to keep the catalog fresh. I will also sell grab bags for those looking for some more variety. I think this will allow me to keep doing the things I love while saving me from stress-induced headaches.

I’ve added four new zines to the catalog, which are: Twenty Bus #10, That Girl #12, Pieces #6.5/Aim is True #5, and Lower East Side Librarian & Friends Menstruate. I have to write descriptions for them, but I can attest that they are all wonderful and worth adding to your cart. Remember, once these zines sell out, I won’t be restocking.

I hope you have a nice Fall!


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