Zine Updates – August 11th, 2012

It’s been a hectic few months, but I’ve finally managed to add a bunch of new zines to the catalog. There’s more on the way, and I’ll probably add those in the coming week. Here’s what’s fresh to the catalog:

Femme a Barbe #3 – by Jenna and contributors – 1/2 size – 30 pages

The third issue of this body-hair lovin’ zine continues with more lovely written and artistic pieces by contributors. The introduction reads: “Femme a Barbe is a place to speak up about the hair that does or doesn’t grow out of our faces, our bodies. Processes of change, transition, pathologization and resistance. And whatever else contributors want or need it to be.” Below that, it reads: “Dare to imagine a world full of women with beards and other gender outlaws, to imagine the possibilities of a feminist cultural politic that rejects the bullshit concern that feminism appear normal, a queer cultural politic that rejects the mainstream gay desire to assimilate and consume. Make a spectacle of yourself. Join the femme a barbe insurgency!”

Sassyfrass Circus #7 – by Jenna – 1/2 size – 26 pages

Jenna is one of my favorite comic artists. She’s so great at blending the comedic with the serious, and showing us events in her life through the panels. This issue is about deciding what to do after graduate school, planning the DC zine fest (with a lovely shout-out to me – thanks Jenna!), going to the gym, living in Washington, and more. In the outro, she states that this zine isn’t well organized or cohesive, but I sort of liked the randomness to it. I actually prefer that to something more streamlined – it’s like a surprise on every page. Good stuff!

Tazewell’s Favorite Eccentric #10 – by Sarah – 1/2 size – 34 pages $4

Sarah is one of my dearest friends, and her zines are some of the most open, honest, beautifully written zines I’ve ever read. This issue is extremely heavy, so it’s best to be read with caution. In it, she writes about a friend who committed suicide, being manic-depressive, sexual abuse, teen promiscuity, her relationship with her father, body image issues, activist burnout, and more.

Tazewell’s Favorite Eccentric #11 – by Sarah – 1/2 size – 18 pages $3

In this issue, Sarah writes about working at the William Way Community Center in Philly, making a living as a balloon artist, living in Philly/moving from Tazewell, being in a affirming relationship (including a beautiful letter to her fiancé) and how they met (she met her online! yay internet!), and a piece about being a drug addict and recovering from that. As always, fantastic writing. This may be triggering, so please read in a safe space.

All I Want is Everything #2 – by Caitlin – 1/2 size – 38 pages

Caitlin is a great writer, and she displays her talent here in this text-heavy zine. The introduction reads: “I don’t travel as much as I’d like – although when you live where I do, it’s hard to find the motivation to pick up and leave – but over the past several months I’ve often felt like I’ve unpacked my suitcase only to turn around and pack in right back up again. Between November 2010 and March 2011, I’ve been to New York City, Key West, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, and Moab. That’s a lot of traveling for someone who considers home to be one of her favorite places in the world.” Caitlin writes about her adventures in these places, and succeeds are creating a rich, engaging travel zine.

All I Want is Everything #3 – by Caitlin – 1/2 size – 50 pages $3

I remember telling Caitlin that I wanted to write a zine about two big events that happened in my life recently – the death of my great aunt and the birth of my niece. Then she told me she had a similar idea for her zine, and this is the result of that idea. In this issue, Caitlin writes about the death of her grandmother and the birth of her niece. In the intro, she says that these two events kept surfacing in her writing, so she thought it was her muse trying to tell her something. As always, the writing is fantastic and touching and poignant. Definitely one of the best.

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