Zine Updates – May 8th, 2012

First thing’s first – congratulations to the NJ Devils for beating the Flyers and advancing to the Eastern Conference final! <3 My team. ANWAY…

Here are the new zines I’ve added to the catalog. Woo!

Busking #1 – by Celeste – ¼ size – 28 pages

I had no idea what busking was until I read this zine. A busker is a street musician, and Celeste plays the accordion in Winnipeg for a living. This zine is part prose and part comic, with cute illustrations about the different people she encounters on the street. She also writes/draws about resolving conflicts with other buskers, which I thought was pretty interesting. And there’s a Doctor Who reference at the end that made me LOL. Overall, this zine offers a great view into a unique job, and I’m excited to be distributing it!

Marked for Life #7 – by Sage – ¼ size – 24 pages

Sage writes about moving with her family from Georgia to Washington, and the road trip they took (with a U-Haul strapped to their car) to get to their new home state. They stop at June Carter and Johnny Cash’s gravesite, the Bell Witch Cave, the site of the Pony Express, and more. She also writes about falling in love with Nebraska and all the different scenery they passed. My family is planning a cross-country road trip, so this zine was pretty interesting to read!

Recinerated #2 – by Rae – ¼ size – 34 pages

In the introduction, Rae writes: “On the pages that follow, you’ll find my reflections about life, work, and some of the people I know, ranging from August of last year through the very first of this year. Once again, I’m not aiming to make any definitive statement about anything; I just want to document aspects of my life as they happen, one day at a time. Maybe they’re important; maybe they’re not – but they’re mine, all the same, and I want them down on this record, here, now.” This reads very much like a diary, and I love her writing. Like Rae says, there’s no big revelation in this zine, but her day-to-day life is very interesting and intriguing, and it’s just so damn readable.

Recinerated #3 – by Rae – 1/6 size – 24 pages

This issue is much like the other two in style, with diary-like prose about events in Rae’s life – from remembering a friend, to past relationships, work, and music. I like the craftsmanship of this one, because it’s so compact and has a vellum cover. Perfect for slipping in your pocket for a train ride or trip to the park. Or wherever you typically go in your travels. Rae is super talented, and her writing just shines. Pick this one up!

Your Pretty Face is Going Straight to Hell #16 – by Tukru – ¼ size – 36 pages

Tukru writes about things she wants to do before she turns 30 (like be in a band, get a tattoo, and plan a zine event), being in a long-term relationship, writing letters, doing a zine reading and being really nervous and awkward (I can relate!), book reviews, and more. I’m very keen on the cut-and-paste layout, and the writing is conversational and addicting; a great addition to the catalog!

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