Zine Updates – April 23rd, 2012

I’ve added four new zines to the catalog:

The Busy Knitter – by Rachel – ¼ size – 10 pages
This adorable little zine comes in a plastic sleeve and a knitted granny square accompanies each issue! There are five projects in here that are quick and perfect for someone with little free time (hence the zine’s title), and they all have illustrations with them. The projects included are: ribbed to-go cup sleeve, triangular neckerchief, a seed-stitch dishcloth, an accordion cowl, and a simple bow.

Culture Slut #25 – by Amber – ¼ size – 30 pages
In this issue of Culture Slut, Amber writes about her alcoholism and sobriety, mental health and thoughts of suicide, and dealing with a breakup. She details her experiences with medical, psychological, and pharmaceutical research studies, which I found to be fascinating. I knew Amber did them, and I was always curious about that, so I’m glad she wrote about them here! The writing is this issue is some of her best. This zine deals with some heavy stuff, so please read with caution.

Telegram #24 – by Maranda – ¼ – 22 pages
I love Maranda’s writing so much, and their zines inspire me to be creative and work on my own projects. In issue #24, they write about gendered pronouns and identifying as genderless (and how people continue to use the wrong pronoun), and being tired of having 101 conversations (like explaining the basics of racism/ableism/etc to people). They also include a great piece about how to be a good friend to people with mental illness, including what to do when they are in the hospital and/or when they are living at home. I think this is a great resource for people who have family or friends with mental illness, as well as for people who struggle with it on their own. Please note that this zine may be triggering, so read it in a safe space.

Telegram #25 – by Maranda – ¼ size – 22 pages
In this issue, Maranda writes about currently feeling good in their life, staying positive, and creating. They write about their priorities, what’s in their bag and why, wanting to be a Creativity Coach, mental illness and artists, the Fight Boredom Write Anything Club, and more. This zine could potentially be triggering (as they write about mental illness and self injury), so please read in a safe space.

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