Zine Updates – March 26th, 2012

I added four new zines to the catalog. Yay.

Lungless Salamander #2 – by Daily Alice – ½ size – 38 pages

This issue of Daily Alice is just as good as the first, and has that same beautiful collaged layout. In issue two, she writes a brief chronicle of her recent anxiety attacks; including what triggers them and what the outcome is. She also writes about the importance of light for her mental health, and why winter is such a difficult time. Also included are musings about gender representation through fashion, movie reviews, and zine reviews.

Homos in Herstory: 1970s Edition – by Elvis – ½ size – 50 pages

From the first page: “The 1970s! For some, it was a feverish psychedelic blur, best expressed by several wild disco movies. But for others, it was a transformative time of world-shaking change, as Americans grappled with the Civil Rights movement, the Vietnam War, Watergate, Environmentalism, the Women’s movement, Chicano movement, the Gay Rights movement, and more. This zine tries to answer the question: ‘What were queer, female-bodied people doing in the 1970s?’ (Besides the aforementioned disco moves) It might not answer everything, but hopefully will be like a small, cartoon window into a different time.” This is a great comic/text zine that’s as entertaining as it is informational. Learn about queers in politics, race and the women’s movement, the Lavender Menace, and more.

Homos in Herstory: 19th Century Edition – by Elvis – ½ size – 12 pages

In this comic and text zine, learn about female-bodied fighters in the Civil War (400 male soldiers were discovered to have been born female), “The Golden Age of Romantic Friendships”, mock weddings (which was basically gay marriage – awesome), Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s friendship (or more?), and lots of other interesting factoids. I loved, loved, loved this issue, mostly because I am really into old-timey stuff. If you enjoy widely unknown facts about history, you will adore this too.

When Language Runs Dry #4 – by Meredith, Claire, and contributors – ½ size – 44 pages

Here’s another installment of this fantastic zine for people who suffer from chronic pain, and their allies. From the introduction: “The zine opens with a practical piece on self care by Karen Hixson. Of course, this is a topic that anyone who has been affected by chronic pain, directly or indirectly, knows and cares about. While Karen’s piece provides realistic ways to work self care into daily life, we also feel it provides a lens through which readers can view the rest of the zine. Each submission presents, to some degree, the author’s struggles with and attempts at self care.” In addition to Karen’s piece, there’s prose by Craig Lewis titled “Mental Illness and a Herniated Disk”, poems by Noemi Martinez, Jonah Aline Daniel and Meredith Butner, and more.

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