Zine Updates – February 5th, 2012

I’ve added four new zines to the catalog! Look at all the goodness:

Dimanche # 8 – by Sabrina – ¼ size – 38 pages

I found Sabrina’s zine to be refreshing and sweet – I’m also excited to be distroing a zine by a fellow New Jersey resident! In this issue, Sabrina’s writes a lot about food – specifically buying fresh/local produce, and why it’s important to her. She includes some recipes for corn, zucchini and peach dishes, as well as a recipe for pizzelles that belonged to her grandmother. I loved the piece titled South Jersey Pretzel Throwndown, since I’ve passed or eaten at the places she’s mentioned. She also writes about her favorite spots to buy macaroons, and includes a recipe to make them. Awesome!

Dimanche #9 – by Sabrina – ¼ size – 38 pages

This issue of Dimanche has a mixture of typed and hand-written pages, and focuses on fall flavors/produce, including recipes for using different types of nuts. There are also writings about her vacation to Egypt, a travel itinerary, and the memorable food she ate there. Then she writes about her trip to Disney World, which I loved reading because I have this weird obsession with that place – it made me want to go back! Definitely check this out if you’re looking for some new recipes and/or you enjoy travel stories. Good stuff.

OCD Throws Bows – by Dirk – ½ size – 26 pages

Dirk writes: “Let me be curt: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is real. OCD isn’t eccentricity. I have OCD. You probably don’t have OCD. As I became more “out” about my OCD, I encountered a chorus of people who were quite confident that they understood my experience or even went so far as to say “I have that too” because they like to have all the items on their desk in a certain order or always wear the same shirt on Tuesdays…With this zine, I hope to show that OCD is something that people suffer from by sharing my own experiences…I want to make people think more deeply about OCD, to question their assumptions about it, and to make the conversation about it a little richer.” I am so happy to distro this zine. Written with honesty and bluntness, and without apology, Dirk discusses his compulsions and obsessions, the psychology behind his symptoms, and his attempts (failed and successful) at recovery – and Dirk points out that recovery is rarely complete. I think it is so important for everyone to read this, and I applaud Dirk’s awesome contribution to the zine world. Please pick this up!

Skills – by Sabrina and contributors – ½ size – 18 pages

In the intro, Sabrina writes: “I like to do things. I like to keep busy. I like to complete projects and I like to share what I’ve done with other people because I hope that they will want to try a new project, too. That’s why I’ve put together this zine. I hope that you will want to try your hand at one of the skills I have shared here.” So, this zine is pretty awesome. Inside, you will find tutorials on how to make your own butter, compost tea, cheese, applesauce, and play dough. There are also instructions on sprouting seeds, food preservation (like canning and freezing), knitting a dishcloth, and more. A thorough how-to zine that is perfect for any DIY fan.

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