Zine Updates – Jan. 15th, 2012

I’ve added three new zines to the catalog! After two weeks of feeling sick, I finally had the energy to update the website, so yay 🙂 Here are the new zine descriptions:

Pieces #6 – by Nichole – ¼ size – 86 pages

This thick and text-heavy issue of Pieces is a compilation of entries from Nichole’s journal that she kept during her long commutes to Chicago for work. As someone who worked a boring 8-to-4 job with a really long commute, I loved reading the observations and stories in this zine. Nichole writes: “I don’t know how people can find it in them to commute the way I had for two, five, sometimes even ten years. It’s draining physically, emotionally, psychologically, and socially. I did not have much of a life or time to myself during the week when I commuted. Waking up at 5 in the morning, getting home after 7 at night, and then crawling into bed between 9 or 10 to do it all over again takes its toll after a while.” Pieces contains some beautiful, poetic-style writing and, like any good zine, it completely sucks you in.

Grow Up! A Homage to Pseudo-Adulthood – by Sara Baier – ½ size – 22 pages

This is a personal comic that I picked up from Sara at the DC Zine Fest. This zine is about what it means to grow up, not feeling grown up even though you are, societal pressure to tick off all the “I’m a grown up” boxes (and how messed up that is), and more. Grow Up! is humorous, spot-on, and definitely relevant for pretty much any adult.

Lungless Salamander #1 – by Daily Alice – ½ size – 34 pages

This is a very ziney-zine, because it’s cut-and-paste with clip art, typewriter text, some handwritten text, and hand-colored images/designs. I completely loved every aspect about this zine, and now I want Daily Alice to make more issues. Inside you will find personal prose about meeting her girlfriend online and being in a long-distance relationship, communicating/socializing online (and how critiques of that form of communication can often get into ableist territory), tips for respectful communication (super important!), essays about skirts and sexism, and more.


Other News:

  • My Doctor Who zine, “This Zine is Bigger On the Inside” is still looking for submissions! Please contact me for more info or post a comment on this blog.
  • I’m looking to do some zinester interviews for this blog! If you have a zine, run a distro, or are involved in any zine project, get in touch!

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