Raffle Winner and More Zines

Congratulations to Alana for winning the Winter Gift Card Raffle! Thank you to everyone who placed an order.

I’ve added three new zines to the catalog tonight. Woot! Visit the catalog by clicking on the titles below.

Milkyboots #11 – by Virginia – ½ size – 22 page

Virginia’s comics are so relatable because she draws about every-day life, from working at a comic shop and the IPRC in Portland, to attending Scrabble parties and watching episodes of Lost with her girlfriend. She also includes panels about zine fests, feeling depressed and anxious, and doing a zine reading with friends. I always enjoy Virginia’s stories and clean comic style.

Milkyboots #12 – by Virginia – ½ size – 18 pages

Issue 12 of Milkyboots deals a lot with traveling, including a trip to San Francisco (and navigating the public transit system), visiting her grandmother in Wisconsin, and attending a comic fest in Brooklyn. Virginia also includes stories about her girlfriend moving in (and all the awesomeness that comes with it), a weird book event at an art exhibition, and more. As always, an enjoyable read.

Potty Language #1/Your Secretary #9 – by Toni and Jami – ½ size – 30 pages

This is a split zine about being a nanny, with Toni living in Portland and Jami living in Chicago. Toni writes Potty Language, and her side is subtitled “A Nanny’s Encounters with Celebrity and Drudgery”; she writes about being a nanny for a famous parent’s kids, an article titled “Thank God They Don’t Have a Nanny-Cam”, and the issue of class when being employed by rich parents. Jami does the zine Your Secretary, and her side is about her experiences nannying in an abusive household, becoming attached to her client’s kids, and some cute comics/drawings by Virginia Paine of Milkyboots and Leslie Perrine of Banana Slug. An interesting peek into the life of a nanny, like a tell-all zine with interesting behind-the-scenes stories of the profession.


In Other News

  • I have a LOT of zines coming in, so I’m really looking forward to that. Prepare yourself for a shit load of new stuff.
  • I’m looking to interview people for future blog posts. If you have a zine project and want to be interviewed, please contact me by visiting the distro’s contact page.
  • Also, if you have any compilation zines that need contributors, zine fest announcements, or any other type of zine news that you think we should know about, drop me a message and I’ll post it on the blog.

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